Personalized Photo Blanket - How To Turn It Into a Throw

A photo blanket is basically a large square piece of textile fabric, typically displaying photos, images, or patterns, often with closed edges, designed to either be a decorative item or to simply tell a story. Historically, photo blankets were usually made of heavy, thick fabric depicting various objects, people, and symbolic motifs intended to tell a tale or simply reveal historical events. Modern-day photo blankets can tell a story, too, but are made more for the decorative effect than to tell a history. They can have any number of different pictures printed on them to make a collage of a lifetime of memories. Explore more information to learn more.

It's a common misconception that photo blankets are only for adults. Many children love having one of these blankets to snuggle up in on cold days or during long car rides. And a larger family may enjoy one in the same fashion as the adult variety. There are many types of photo blankets available, ranging from the woven blanket, which is more traditional and used most often, to the woven throw blanket which is more modern and often used in children's rooms. Most come in solid colors, though some have fun cartoon characters or patterns as well.

A unique idea for a holiday treat is to create a "photo blanket" using photos of a child, parent, or other loved one. This idea is best used with the child's birthday in mind, since most of these blankets will already have a theme. The blankets can be made for the child's room or a room featuring a favorite hobby or pastime. If your child loves soccer, why not make soccer balls and pads using photos of their favorite players? Custom blankets are a great way to give something special as a gift. Best information about photo blanket is available when you read more here.

Photo blankets can either be made for a child's bedroom or room as well as utilized in other settings, including on pillows, throws, curtains, upholstery, and curtains. Two sides are typically made with one sheet of fabric, but if you want your blanket to have more than two sides, be certain to purchase extra fabric. Most photo blankets are knitted from wool or other durable fibers. Although they may be more expensive than the average blanket, they last longer and are much more comfortable to the touch than the typical knit blanket. These blankets are very easy to make and you can even make them personalized with the baby's name or date of birth.

In addition to being functional, a photo blanket can also be fun. For example, having several photos of the newborn on the same blanket would create a wonderful collage of memories. Another fun idea is to use several blankets as part of a larger quilt, then finish it off with a customized blanket with baby's name and birthdate. You could also turn the custom blanket into a throw, a purse, or something else that the mother to be could use after her baby is born. Seek more info at

Another advantage of using a personalized photo blanket, especially when using multiple photos, is that the blanket is soft and cozy while still providing warmth. A good quality fleece will have an elastic waist so that it won't dig into the body when you are carrying the baby or changing her diaper. Look for a high-quality fleece that is machine washable. If you want to turn the blanket into a throw, just take it off when you're done with it. This makes it practical for both moms and dads to use during the whole nine months of their child's life.

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